Where We Specialise

Once you consider that your career aspirations may not be satisfied with your current company, the importance of the next steps should not be underestimated. Getting it right is crucial. That is why we are incredibly thorough in understanding the range of your skills, achievements and experience and learning the reasons why you have decided to consider a change.

Recruita take an ethical and professional approach by building a relationship with you and meeting you in person wherever possible. Even if we know we have the perfect opportunity for you, we will never send your details to anyone without your express permission. Any initial introductions are made via a confidential CV containing a reference number and all employment identification is removed.

Whilst we may advertise a selection of the key positions we are working on from time to time, our approach differs from many traditional Recruitment to Recruitment firms in that we prefer to work with each candidate exclusively. We want to find you that ideal role, consulting with you throughout and mindful that it may take a little time.

Whether you have decided to get in touch or you are interested in one of the positions we are advertising, we set our expectations high, and you can too.

Our clients are those that are seeking out the best talent and reward accordingly. This means we cannot work with everyone, indeed you will need to be amongst the strongest in your specific sector.

Your aspirations, ambitions, motivations and priorities will drive our thinking and imagination to find you the ideal role.