Introducing Recruita

Why we're different

Recruita understands that hiring the right people for your company can be an incredibly frustrating and time consuming task. The stakes are so much higher than they used to be and the talent pool is smaller. Staff turnover in the recruitment industry can be high and no matter how much support you may provide, some individuals simply don’t have the talent to capitalise on it.

The reality is that most of the people you would like to recruit are either working so hard they don’t even think to consider if there is a better opportunity for them, or they don’t have the inclination or time to browse job-sites or your vacancies. Many are content in their careers and are doing well – In other words they’re exactly the sort of person you would want to hire.

We aim to work with clients that provide new recruits with a strong base for a rewarding career within a positive working environment. In return, the people we will find for you will have the track record that inspires confidence in delivering a performance that exceeds your expectations. People that will help your company grow and prosper in the years ahead.

Only with a full understanding of your business can we do our job properly, and that is where you will first notice the Recruita difference. Knowing your culture, plans, structure and rewards is just a start; and unlike most others in our field, we prefer to meet all our clients face to face and find out what really makes them tick.

Just one more thing. When we are working with you, we do not head-hunt from you. We are here to build long term relationships that benefit each other, not to undermine them. (Please be aware and understand that we cannot influence, discriminate or break data protection in respect of anyone choosing to approach us to use our services as a recruitment to recruitment business).

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